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The Story (and mermaid) behind 2 Legged Mermaid

Hi there! I'm Tia, the mermaid behind 2 Legged Mermaid, LLC. I have always LOVED mermaids, even as a tiny girl. When I was little, I would beg for any and everything that even had the hint of a mermaid on it. I would even pray every night before bed that I would wake up as a mermaid in the jacuzzi (I didn't want to leave home, but I did want to be a mermaid.) Now that I'm grown, that love has never lessened- the mermaid obsession lives on. One day, as I was running at the beach, wishing I had the time to surf instead of run, I started thinking about how I am a 2 Legged Mermaid- born with legs instead of a tail, but still a mermaid at heart. And that is where the name, 2 Legged Mermaid™, was born. During that same run, I was reading everyone's shirts and hats as I was running by (bc that is all there is to do while you run), and was thinking about how it’s so hard to find a cute trucker hat that fits a women’s head well. I was also thinking “I want a mermaid hat!” And that was it, I decided then and there that I was going to start making trucker hats that fit a women’s head well and were cute, functional, and flattering. It all started with a trucker hat and has evolved into a mermaidy, beachy, surfy, SoCal lifestyle brand.

I take great pride in 2 Legged Mermaid products. All of our products are inspired by mermaids, the ocean, and all things rad. I design and hand make everything you find in the shop. I cut out all the images and hand press all of the hats, one at a time with my two hands. Much love and care goes into my items. I want my customers to be able to find a unique, well made item that was made with love and they are proud to wear. I also want to make my customer’s lives a little easier by giving them something sylish and effortless. This is California beach wear at it’s finest. 

A little bit about me. I have always been a beach girl- I was born and raised in Southern California, and even lived in Hawaii for a while, and then was landlocked in Las Vegas, NV for 11 years! Once I moved back to CA, I made a pact with myself that I would see the ocean at least once every single day. Did I make good on my pact? Maybe not EVERY day, but I do make sure I get out and see it most days. If I'm not surfing in the water, I’m still usually at the beach. I like to get my exercise there (running, walking), but also, 2 Legged Mermaid has adopted a beach right here in Carlsbad and we hold beach clean ups, usually once a month. Taking care of our beach and ocean is so important to me, we must “save the mermaids!” The ocean makes me happy. It is my zen place. Aside from being a mermaid, I’m also a wife and mother to two little humans who also share my love for the ocean. When we are not at the beach, you’ll find us chilling at home, playing with our giant mastiff, or going out for tacos- we LOVE our mexican food!

I hope you find some rad items that make you happy or simplify your "getting ready" in the morning. Enjoy the shop and have an awesome day!